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A scaled impact

Design to capture CO2 and reduce emissions. Create co-benefits to support communities and parallel climate-friendly ventures



We have identified over 60 distinct sites with the potential to host 15 km2 facilities. We seek to build clusters of Equil facilities across the Middle East, Southern Africa, India and Australia and aim for a total reduction of 200 million tonnes/CO2e/annum

(Image - Global seawater chlorophyll levels, NASA)


Reducing CO2 levels in the ocean allows us to combat ocean acidification

A Global South focus supports jobs, learning and partner industries in countries which desperately need to build a low carbon future

Aquaculture, in particular, is supported with onshore seaweed cultivation given carbonate-related synergies with both shellfish and fin-fish farming. Safe and productive fishing for a new generation


This is just the start

As a community of technologists and licensees, we will become the world's largest seaweed producing group. As we learn and grow, we will collaborate with technology vendors and local stakeholders to raise system efficiency and impact

Tackling climate change requires speed and partnerships. So why not take advantage of the high polysaccharides content of seaweed to make bio-plastics ?

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