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Development and Execution

Optimize and grow

Optimizing the pathway

Nature effortlessly grows the 10,000 nutrition-rich types of seaweed around the world. We will extend work done on cultivation in Oregon and Australia to replicate field situations and couple with NREL's guidance on optimal processing choices.

Bio-crude from HTL into marine biofuels represents a strong and highly remunerative fit, especially in the EU ( as does producing SAF via enzymatic hydrolysis and bio-ethanol (


Field trials

At our target locations in the global south, we will build test sites to confirm growth rates, algal composition and other aspects of the cultivation and harvesting process. This experience informs our decisions on pace and direction of scaling.

(Image - Partner trial facilities in Australia)

Pacific Bio Trial Facilites in Aus.jpeg

Scaling sites and new markets

As we scale individual sites, we seek to deploy the latest infrastructure financing techniques that reward developers with climate solutions through a blockchain-enabled process

The greater our experience, the more precise our carbon impact. The greater the scale, the better we can pursue hard-to-decarbonize sectors such as aviation and bioplastics to replace LDP

Our objective is to work in developer-friendly markets where each plot size can be 15 sq kms (5 x 3 farms) and where we can capture synergies with existing energy infrastructure and demand centres

(Image - Global tree cover, Bastin 2019) 

global tree cover_edited_edited.png
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